Are you hack-proof? Let us show you!

Information is power, protect yours!

Did you know that...

100+ Billion Is the estimated annual cost of global cybercrime
1.5+ Million People are victims of cybercrime per day
90% of Businesses Suffered some sort of cybercrime over the last 12 months
9+ Billion Estimated devices are currently internet-connected

Are you hack-proof? Let us show you!

Gather invaluable information on your devices, websites and overall assets.
The bad guys know how vulnerable your systems are. The main question is, do YOU?
With thousands of vulnerabilities being discovered everyday, your systems are at constant risk.

Scan your devices

Astalavista can scan any web-reachable device , detect its vulnerabilities and present them to you on an easy to understand manner so you can act before the bad guys do.

Visualize your vulnerabilities

Too much information can be overwhelming. Astalavista ensures you receive the right amount of relevant data to help you be protected.

Hassle-free cloud solution

No software installs means you can get up and running within minutes instead of days, weeks or even months! Get started today and see for yourself, no technical knowledge required!